A Message from the Principal of Sano High School

A Message from the Principal of Sano High School

Sano High School is one of Tochigi Prefecture’s oldest educational institutions, having opened 115 years ago in 1901 as Tochigi Prefectural Number Four Middle School. Since that time, our school has undergone many transformations in response to changing times. With the opening of an affiliated junior high school in 2008, our school now offers a comprehensive program incorporating both lower and upper secondary education.

Sano High School is therefore home to students from their first year of junior high school (7th grade) until there last year of high school (12th grade), and the faculty and administrative staff here do everything possible to ensure a positive experience for every student as they mature both academically and personally during their six years here. Our goal is to provide our students with an education that enables them to grow to be individuals capable of leadership on an international stage.

Moreover, Sano High School was designated as a Super Global High School (SGH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2016. The SGH program developed by the Japanese government is aimed to provide global leaders of the future with the kind of secondary education they will need to ensure Japan’s international competitiveness going forward. We are proud to have been the first high school in Tochigi Prefecture to receive the SGH designation.

We believe this designation indicates the high regard held for the distinctive educational activities undertaken by our school. The educational goals of Sano High School align nicely with the objectives of the SGH program, and we are committed to provide all our students with the skills necessary to thrive in the global community through Tochigi Prefecture’s most uniquely individualized university-preparatory secondary education built around a nucleus of the SGH initiative. In doing so, we dedicate our entire organization to cooperating with the local community. And we look forward to your continued understanding and support of our endeavors.

April 1,2020
Ikuo Aoyagi, principal of Tochigi Prefectural Sano High School and affiliated Junior High School